Physical and spiritual benefits of erotic massages

From a physical point of view, massages have analgesic effects, reduce muscle tension and spasms, as well as stimulate the body’s circulatory system and cleanse toxins from our body.

Although an erotic massage is not only that, but it is a door to our spiritual self. These benefits are infinitely wide, although they can vary depending on our relationship with our body, the earth and our senses.

What are the Physical and spiritual benefits of erotic massages?

We show you some of the main spiritual benefits of erotic massages. Normally we are unaware of these benefits since we do not give them the importance they deserve.

Balance our spirit

The different massage techniques offer many ways to balance our spirit, all through body contact. People who resort to alternative healing methods understand that erotic massages are more than just a simple relaxing massage.

Each massage provides different healing properties and connects with spiritual principles that go beyond simple physical pain.

Channel our spiritual energy

The different  types of massages are considered physical therapies since they provide a gentle massage that channels our energy through touch. The spiritual benefits of erotic massage are as beneficial as the physical ones.

Some  erotic massage techniques start at the head and work their way down through the seven «chakras» or energy centers of the body. Many of the techniques are believed to be invaluable in dealing with daily stress and promoting healing from chronic pain conditions, heart disease, infertility, diabetes or even cancer.

Renewal of our spirit

People who seek an erotic massage seek it with the intention of curing their ailments or feeling better, but they do not know that by receiving an erotic massage session they also renew their spirit to feel completely transformed.

These massage techniques often include rhythmic movements in the body to bring it into a catharsis of spiritual energy. It is therefore a physically and spiritually renewing body therapy with the aim of emotionally liberating and restoring oneself, in which the masseuses are perfectly trained to focus as much as possible on the client for their satisfaction.

Beyond a body massage

Thinking only of the physical side as the maximum benefit of erotic massages would be wrong. Massages have the power to connect with your inner self and explore new positive sensations for your spiritual self. The pressure and movements combined with the oils help to balance your mental state and your nervous system. You will also experience calm and relaxation that will help reduce stress in your body and mind.

Likewise, erotic massages help achieve great long-term changes in your physical and emotional well-being. A spiritual massage therapy not only makes you feel good, but is a fundamental part of a self-help and empowerment process. On the other hand, experiencing an erotic massage shows you the importance of both physical and spiritual interactions for our body and soul. Too often we neglect our wants and needs, putting others first. This promotes unhealthy cycles for our mind. However, by resorting to erotic massage therapy we benefit from energetic healing and restoration of health at all levels, physically and even more spiritually.

In the end, an erotic massage will not only help you relieve physical ailments, it can also help you enter that spiritual side that we all have but that we don’t know how beneficial it is.


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