Lingam massage in Barcelona

What is Lingam ?

The origin and interpretation of the lingam is a subject of intense debate. As such, the term liṅgaṃ  comes from Sanskrit and is written लिङ्गं in the Devánagari script. The literal meaning is «phallus», but its most honorable and respectful translation is: » Wand of light «.

According to the philosophy of Tao, Tantra and ancient Eastern wisdom, there are reflex points in the lingam, capable of releasing tension, trauma and facilitating healing, when properly stimulated. Tantra regards the penis in a very respectful way, as the luminous wand that channels creative energy and pleasure.

For Hinduism, the Lingam symbolically represents the god Shiva, who in turn is one of the gods of the Trimurti (‘three-forms’). This Hindu Trinity is made up of Shiva , the god who destroys the universe,  Brahma ,  the god who creates the universe, and  Vishnu , the supreme god.

There are also those who place the origin of the Lingam in the indigenous religions of India.

What does our Lingam massage  in Barcelona consist of?

At Eden Massages, we offer you different massages in which you can enjoy a Lingam massage. A sensual, erotic and very pleasant experience with which you will raise pleasure to another level. Our erotic masseuses will make you enjoy a Lingam massage  in Barcelona, ​​which will not be easy for you to forget. Pleasure and enjoyment are guaranteed.

Enjoy a Lingam finish in a cozy space, full of sensuality and at the hands of the most spectacular erotic masseuses in Barcelona. Relaxing atmosphere, dim light, perfect company and a moment destined solely and exclusively for you and your enjoyment. Forget the burdens and stress of the day, work, problems… and enjoy like never before.

The main objective of the Lingam  massage is to achieve such a state of excitement that it transports you to another dimension .

Benefits of a  Lingam massage  in Barcelona

The first benefit of a Lingam massage is to make you connect with your most sensitive side . Thanks to the Lingam massage, you will be able to find new forms of pleasure by exploring your erogenous zones. The goal is to reach divinity. The Lingam ending does not have orgasm as its objective, although it can occur without any problem, but what is really sought is to achieve a connection between your most divine part, your mind and your pleasure.

In addition, the Lingam massage has many benefits and also contributes to:

  • Get rid of stress and negative energies
  • Get out of your comfort zone and routine
  • Open your mind and free yourself from prejudices and/or sexual traumas
  • Get to know you much more and better
  • Unite with your divine part


What massages do Lingam include at Eden Massages?

We have several massages that include a Lingam massage or termination. All of them performed by expert, sensual and professional erotic masseuses , in a warm, welcoming and fully adapted environment so that you achieve the highest pleasure.

Remember that it is not sex that the Eden masseuse offers you, but Lingam completion . It should be noted since they are very different concepts. In the Lingam, your attitude must be passive, trusting and totally surrendering to your masseuse, with the aim of uniting with your divine part and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

You can see our Massage Menu with Lingam in Barcelona and choose the one you like the most.

If you have any questions or you are in Barcelona, ​​contact us now and enjoy a spectacular, sensual and passionate Lingam massage in Barcelona . Eden is waiting for you.

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