How to increase sexual desire with a tantric massage?

How to increase sexual desire with a tantric massage

How to increase sexual desire with a tantric massage

It happens to all of us that when we start a relationship or we are getting to know another person, our sexual desire or libido is at its maximum intensity. This feeling of being with the battery at 150% always is comforting and pleasant, but we also know that as time passes and specifically when the phase of falling in love ends, this sexual desire progressively decreases. In addition, sexual desire is often affected by many factors, both internal and external. This means that normally, none of us can have a linear or high intensity constantly.

But luckily, it is possible to increase sexual desire  in many ways since it can be influenced by, among other things, oxytocin, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin .  These hormones act in our body giving us a feeling of joy.

Therefore, if these hormones are able to provide us with a feeling of joy, we can conclude that we can «force happiness» through the activity of our hormones .

Libido or our sexual desire varies according to the factors that condition us daily: work, worries, stress, tiredness… and even our diet

Happiness through Tantric Massage

When we receive a tantric massage , we get excited at very high levels, so our body feels the need to receive that pleasant sensation again at another time. To do this, our body, based on a reward system, «asks us» to produce that sensation of pleasure again.

This happens with many other situations such as sports, eating sweets or sex, but in the case of sexual desire, the production of hormones is very involved. Being aware of this allows us to consciously stimulate our mental reward system.

Tantric massages  help to recover those lost sensations and stimulate our body in a pleasant way, providing an improvement in sexual appetite.

We can also increase sexual desire by managing two main external factors:

The frequency

The frequency with which we have sexual relations is directly proportional to the desire to practice it that we have. The more times we have sex, the greater our appetite. On the contrary, unless it is the frequency in which we have relationships, our libido will go down.

When we receive sexual stimuli on a regular basis, we reduce anxiety and dedicate ourselves to enjoying the pleasurable sensations. For this, tantric massages can serve as a measure to eliminate that anxiety that we can have at certain times, since it makes us connect with our inner being through sex.


The foods we eat can greatly influence the increase or decrease of our libido.

For example, crash diets are often a reason for low libido, as the body focuses its energy on burning calories and consuming fat in order to function and be active.

There are foods that can positively benefit our sexual appetite, since they contain nutrients that are beneficial for increasing libido, such as:

  • Strawberries and raspberries
  • Avocados
  • Walnuts
  • Watermelon
  • Almonds
  • Chocolate
  • Oysters…


In short, many circumstances in our lives can trigger an increase or decrease in sexual appetite. Periodically receiving a tantric massage is the ideal solution to increase your sexual desire and to keep your body physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced.

Come visit us, try our tantric massage and… travel to the Eden of pleasure.

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